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Who Are We?
SCA was founded as a non-profit organization in the early 1960’s to provide a provincial voice for the leaders of organized camps in the province. Over the years it has been effective in bringing camp leaders together for fellowship, the sharing of ideas and for their ongoing education. As we look to the future, SCA remains committed to preserving the quality and integrity of the organized camping experience in Saskatchewan. SCA is governed by a board of directors who are elected from the membership at our Annual General Meeting. Board members serve for a two year term, their service is on a volunteer basis. SCA is waiting to serve you, contact us, let us know how we can help you or your camp.

Mission: To promote, enrich, and encourage the development of quality organized camping for all Saskatchewan people through leadership, advocacy, and provision of services.

.. To promote camping as an educational, character building, therapeutic, and recreational experience.
.. To provide an opportunity for fellowship and sharing among camping people.
.. To encourage and provide opportunities for the ongoing education of camp leaders.
.. To encourage responsible use of the natural environment and its resources by people involved in camping activities.
.. To act as a liaison between camps and the provincial government by interpreting camping concerns to government and by disseminating knowledge about government legislation and programs to camp leaders.
.. To develop and encourage high standards in camping.

CLICK HERE for a current listing of board members and their responsibilities.

SCA Awards Program: Would you like to have someone whom you feel has made an exceptional contribution to camping recognized by the SCA?
Acheivement Award.
Lifetime Acheivement Award.
Volunteer Award.

Affiliation: SCA is a member of the Canadian Camping Association, the International Camping Fellowship and Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Inc.
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