Renting a Car instead Of Driving Your Own Can Save You

It might sound quite expensive to rent a car from downtown car rental Toronto rather than driving it on your own. However, at studies have found, at times, this might be cheaper.  The reason is that the free trip which you take in your own car does not take the depreciation into account when you rack up the miles. This means that you will pay more to rent a vehicle for a short term.  However, for a longer term it is much different situation.

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In a recent project conducted by Brett Smith, he calculated the cost of driving 300 miles during the weekend in a five year old owned vehicle with driver in comparison to driving a large size vehicle. Even though the full-size vehicle rental came out simply a penny less per mile rather than driving your own case, the compact, comprising the rental cost was actually 12 cents per mile cheaper.

In case you drive more miles, it will enable you to save more money on the downtown car rental Toronto.  This turns out to be a better option. The study assumed gasoline cost to be much more than what it is expected to be. Even though research had been done for the enterprise, the calculations that had been used by Smith can be used by any person to figure out whether it is the right decision to choose a rental car for a specific trip.

Downtown car rental Toronto costs 39 cents per mile for operating since you still have to pay for the gasoline and some other things.  However, you are not spending money in depreciation, oil, maintenance, and tires.

The downtown car rental also needs to comprise of the per-mile cost of renting a car. Smith calculated the rental cost alone as 12 cents a mile for the compact car and about 23 cents for a full-size.

Even though the study has stated that the car which you own is five years old getting twenty four miles per gallon, a person who own a big car will be able to save more money.

Benefits of Car Rentals

If you get a car from downtown car rental Toronto, there are several benefits that you will be able to enjoy.

  • While you enjoy your holidays, you do not obviously want to worry about the price of taxi, bus stops, and schedules. You simply to improvise, explore, and enjoy your time.
  • You will be able to save money by making reservations at the hotel which is located a bit further away from the city. The money which you save will help you to compensate rental price. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy the car rental price.

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  • When you reach the airport, you will come across the car rental offices at the terminal. Moreover, there are also some cheap rated companies that are present outside the airport that provide free shuttle to connect the offices to the airport. This way you will be able to save money on the taxis.
  • Downtown car rental Toronto will enable you to visit even the most remote places, restaurants, and hidden that is impossible to get to by bus or taxi. Moreover, there is nothing better than a car waiting for you at the airport.
  • It is because of the competition in between the car rental companies that they generally offer really good deals and an extensive range of cars.
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