Professional Development and Training
SCA recognizes that the quality of a camper’s experience at camp is determined, to a large extent, by the leaders who guide that camper through the program. Consequently programs and services that provide for the development of effective leadership skills continue to be a high priority for the Association. From time to time SCA provides financial grants to camps to upgrade their staff training programs. When funding is available, SCA provides financial assistance to leaders of SCA member camps who wish to attend out-of-province camping workshops and conferences.

Training Workshops, Seminars and Funding:

1. National Lifesaving Service Training Grant no longer available. The Saskatchewan Camping Association will no longer receive funding from Sask Lotteries for support of member camps who wish to provide lifeguard training for their waterfront and swimming pool staff. Consequently this assistance to camps will not be available this year.

1. Camp, The Best Time of a Child’s Life!
Written by CCA/ACC Executive Member Catherine Ross for new or potential camp parents. Based on material collected from camps across the country, it’s a complete handbook that provides information on the benefits of camp, how to choose a camp, how to register, how to prepare a camper and what to expect when a child goes to camp.
Go to the Parents Page of the Canadian Camping Association website to download your free copy.

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