Check out 8 Phenomenal Coachbuilders for Maximum Luxury & Sophistication

Fancy for something unique, when it comes to your car? Well, then you have to pay a little attention to the term coachbuilding. Coachbuilding is no rocket science, but a discovery of art and science. It’s a practice that alters a car’s aesthetic appeal with state-of-the-art technology. To make it happen, a coach builder comes into the scene.

Estimable coachbuilders build cars by crafting the body parts from the scratch. Even in the day of automation, the demand of hand-built luxury car parts is pretty much in demand. So, if you are in the same league, go through the following coachbuilders curating exemplary vehicle parts:


  • Pininfarina

Pininfarina is a premium coach builder of Italy, established in 1930. After the second war, this company had conduct separate research on engineering facilities to render high-end manufacturing services. Pininfarina had also seen a rough patch when the recession hit the country hard, back in 2008. Even after enduring several bumps, this automotive design coach builder is stilling ruling the chart with its diverse portfolio. It is still best known as Ferrari’s former go-to design company.

  • Motorima

Motorima is the pride of Sweden. This is another world-leading manufacturing company that started the building business 31 years back. With a desire to craft hand-build luxurious car parts using simple tools, this coach builder has come along a long way. Their expertise mainly lies in recreating and restoring class sports cars, racers etc.

  • Zagato

Zagato founded in 1919, is one of the best-known legacy coachbuilders of Italy. It started with designing and building both airplanes and automobiles. The founder Ugo Zagato was an aeronautical engineer and thus, was well-versed with the knowledge required in this field. He adapted the technique of using strong yet lightweight body designs and brought a revolutionary change in business.

Some of the companies that have partnered with this particular coach builder are Nissan, Martin, Ferrari, Aston, and Alfa Romeo to name a few.

  • Carrozzeria Touring  

This is another big name based in Milan, founded in 1926. Carrozzeria Touring has gained the name within a short tenure owing to its super light (superleggera) construction method. By embracing this procedure, the company got an edge over its competitors with more flexibility in manufacturing and designing.


  • Carrozzeria Castagna

The Castagna automotive manufacturing company is one of the oldest coach builders and funeral hearse initiated in 1849. A paradigm shift was seen when the company switched to internal-combustion automobile in the later years. Like many legacy builders, Castagna also got through tough time post second world war. However, with continual revival, it bounced back and restored the name & fame.

  • Carlsson

Carlsson is a German-based coach builder, came into existence in 2007. One of its exemplary works is Mercedes CL65. This car tuning manufacturer is specialized in Mercedes-Benz cars.

  • Fioravanti

Started off as an architect firm, Fioravanti switched to coachbuilding in 1991. This Italian automotive design studio may not be holding a legacy, but its CEO has worked for almost a quarter-century to Pininfarina. With great skill and knowledge, the man knew the trick required to make the company successful.

So, if you are contemplating to own a luxurious car in the near future, make sure you go for the best coachbuilding company.

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