Armored Truck Is Great For Accessing Difficult Terrain

armored trucks

If you are looking for a great vehicle which can be used during war or for any covered operation, then armored truck is the only solution. An armored vehicle can be a great choice for law enforcement officials and military officials in order to directly battle with the enemy forces. In fact, armored trucks when compared with other heavyweight vehicles like armored tanks, the former obviously scores high over the latter. The trucks can be used for transporting goods as well as for transporting other valuables to the site of emergency.

Need of Armoured Truck

Law enforcement officials as well as the military department require robust vehicle by their side. A robust vehicle like armored trucks can easily be rolled out across the street to disperse antisocial elements during riots or to handle the terrorists. Similarly, it can also take action against the enemies across the battlefield. This is the reason why armored trucks have gained huge popularity among the defense and law enforcement sector.


What’s so great about These Vehicles?

The client base for armored trucks is not only limited to the military sector, but it has also extended to other sectors as well. For instance, it is being used by the retail and financial sector as well. These sectors use it to transport cash from one location to another. However, the armored trucks is best suited for rough terrains also.

The armoured trucks are known to provide security to important people within the defense sector. It can also protect the important items which are being transported through the track. For instance, the military needs to transport import documents, food supply to the different posts where the soldiers are posted. Sometimes they are posted in areas like on the peak of high mountains. Accessing these areas with a normal vehicle is not easy and that’s why armored trucks are needed.


Body and Weight

Often, the weight of the armoured truck is considered to be its strength. It is not too light in weight, neither too heavy. An average weight of the armored trucks is over 27 tons. Hence, it is suitable for carrying out military operations.arrmoured truck

Sometimes the military officials may face situation like they need to move through rough terrains by removing the obstacles. Thus, for handling this kind of situation armored trucks are far better than the tanks. The bumper in front of the tanks can easily remove the obstacles and make path for movement.

On the other hand, the body of armored trucks is made up of hardened galvanized steel. The steel is resistant to heat and corrosion. Moreover, the high level of ballistic resistance can easily protect the vehicle from all kind of assaults. On top of that, the tires of the trucks are designed in such a way that it can run several kilometers, even after it gets deflated.

Nowadays, the trucks come with mounted machine gun to tackle any situation. As the armored truck offers great level of security, it is being widely preferred to move through any situation. For the latest information on armored vehicles, read here!

Business Truck Equipment – ELLIOTT Cranes

ELLIOTT Cranes from Commercial Truck Equipment

Ever since ELLIOTT Cranes came into existence in 1948, it has been known for its solid quality of equipment and trucks. The company focuses on its quest for best quality products and sticking to a specific set of rules for best services. Today, Elliott gladly carries on the convention that Richard Elliott began over six decades back – depending on individuals who are devoted to the most noteworthy measures for quality, security and toughness, attempting to structure and fabricate the best gear accessible; and to keep its clients working securely and proficiently.eilliot boom truck

Aerial Cranes

HiReach aerial work stages from Elliott does more than just getting the workers off the ground and making their job easier. Elliott’s full line of lifting is famous for its security, dependability, and adaptability. A dependable rundown of standard highlights can be supplemented by the discretionary highlights your activity needs to take care of business.

The HiReach Truck-mounted is known for multi-utility and works as an instrument for various purposes. It lets the client get the work done much quicker and it costs less.

For operators, a wide work stage and superior side reach give ideal range to proper work. Smooth, corresponding upper controls take into consideration exact developments and ideal machine control, without unexpected or jerky developments. The complete hydraulic, cable and chain free boom extends reliably, easily and with less maintenance. Simple to use adjustable plan makes for simple activity without tail swing. These highlights, notwithstanding a continuous swivel framework and larger than usual rotation bearing and gearbox, helping to guarantee convenience and long service life.

elliot boom trucks

Key highlights include:

  • 48-foot working capability
  • Unrestricted 36-foot working side reach
  • 500 lb weight capacity
  • 2,000 lb material taking care of limit
  • mounts on 19,000 lb GVWR suspension

Elliot’s BoomTruck Cranes

Elliott Boom Trucks line has one of the most differing lineups of models for lifting materials and people available. It includes a scope of evaluated limits from 10 to 50 tons, with a wide scope of blast lengths and tip statures up to 207 feet.

While staying flexible, Elliott Boom Trucks is equipped for even the most complex applications, from setting brackets, lifting curl tubing, working dockside or raising materials to stature. High-limit, single-line pull winches enable operators to lift more weight on fewer lines of rope, and a two-elliot cranesspeed winch improves lift control and decreases process duration. The jib broadens easily and just and, when the heap is set up it swings freely by means of an accessible coast swing and brake or a revolution gear as required.

Key Features include:

  • 34 ft 9 into 142 ft Extended 5-Section Telescopic Main Boom
  • 36-Ton Lifting Rating at a 5 ft Load Radius
  • Patented Standup Ride-Around Lower Control Console
  • Optional Open Seated Controls or Enclosed Crane Cab with Heater and Optional A/C
  • 9,060 lb Single Line Pull Winch with 12,800 lb Bare Drum Pull. Utilizations 9/16 in Rotation Resistant Steel Rope
  • Internally Wired Anti-Two-Block Cable
  • 21 ft 2 in Span Out-Down Outriggers with Full and Mid-Span Positions/Charts.


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